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For your special moment with your love ones

Year of the Rat(Mouse) Zodiac Card

Year of the Rat(Mouse) Zodiac Card

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An unique birthday card or a baby shower items for someone born in Year of the Rat

A collectable and a decorative item for who's interested in Asian Zodiac

A fun Chinese learning card for kids

A Zen decor for a yoga space, a meditation room, a tea room, and so on. ;)

A great keepsake for many occasions


Our note card and envelope set feature a RICE&INK original Sumi ink painting inspired by the Chinese letter "子 - Rat".

Year of Rat 1900 Metal Rat 1912 Water Rat 1924 Wood Rat 1936 Fire Rat 1948 Earth Rat 1960 Metal Rat 1972 Water Rat 1984 Wood Rat 1996 Fire Rat 2008 Earth Rat


- Size : Folded A2 (4.25 x 5.5 in)

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