Fueled by Asian Artistry and Charished Companions

Specialized in Modern Sumi Ink Stationery, our hand-designed cards are a celebration of the simple joys and heartwarming moments that enrich our lives.

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RICE&INK emerged in 2018,

fueled by a passion for Sumi ink illustrations, particularly those inspired by animals and symbolic imagery. My illustrations are capturing the spirit, emotions, and simple beauty of the subjects through the delicate interplay of brushstrokes and ink smudges. While rooted in tradition, my style exudes a warmth and whimsy that resonate deeply.

Why 'SHIBA' dog ?

Fifteen years ago, our family rescued two Shiba Inu dogs, and what followed was a journey full of surprises and challenges. Our Shibas brought a host of issues—serious biting, anxiety, escape attempts, and even the classic destruction of couches. Yet, beneath these challenges, there was undeniable charm and love, mirroring the complexities and beauty of life itself. These experiences with our Shibas not only enriched our family life but also deeply influenced my art at RICE&INK. They inspired a recurring theme in my illustrations: the beauty and depth found in complexity, much like the intriguing characters in stories, who captivate us with their unpredictability and depth.