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For your special moment with your love ones

Persimmon Shiba Inu Family Handmade Silk Scroll

Persimmon Shiba Inu Family Handmade Silk Scroll

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 I'd been wanting to present RICE&INK art print on this traditional silk scroll, but all the mass produced ones from China not only have poor quality, but that shiny cheesy fake silk devaluate our art print.

However, this luxurious scroll is all handmade in Korea. Since it's made with non-shiny single color silk, the scroll is traditional, yet has modern aspect. It come in two different colors and any RICE&INK could be used if you request.




- Size: Entire Scroll 11.37 X 37 INCHES (ACTUAL PRINT INSIDE 11 X 18.63)

- Silk Color : Beige

- Material: Silk, Rice Paper, Wood

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