Shiba Inu & Apple Phone Grip | Griptok Phone socket accessories holder stand cute dog

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Acrylic Shiba Inu & Apple phone grip works for any type of cell phones.

If you are watching lots of videos with your phone(like me), this is a perfect phone stand.
If you are holding your phone all the time and texting a lot(like me), this is a perfect phone grip.
If you can never use a pretty phone case because you are dropping your phone all the time(like me), this will totally change the mood of your ugly phone case, plus preventing from dropping. ;)

The griptok can pop in and out and rotate 360degrees, so you can easily stand your phone in any direction and carry it nice and slim.

It really does change my life, so I had to make my own version!!

Size - 2" X 2.75"

*There is a removable protection film on.
*Although you can force to remove the grip, I recommend to use it on a phone case. Not directly on your phone.

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